The Loopring Foundation wants participants to test out the Loopring Protocol trading experience, and to enjoy decentralized exchange in general. So, we’ll be hosting a Loopring Dex Trading Competition, where power users will be rewarded with the Vite airdrop.

The trading competition is divided into several phases, with this being the first. Rules and rewards are independent in each phase.

Time and Duration: Oct 1st 00:00 — Oct 5th 23:59 (Beijing time).

How to participate in Phase 1

  • Participants use Loopring enabled wallets to complete an LRC/WETH or VITE/WETH trade.
  • No requirements regarding the value/volume of the trade: 1 trade = 1 ‘point’.
  • Partially filled orders count (and if, for example, an order is partially filled in 3 trades, we count it as 3, not 1).
  • Only ‘normal’ DEX orders count, P2P orders do not count.
  • Failed orders do not count.
  • Wrapping ETH and unwrapping WETH does not count.

We will rank addresses based on the total number of successful trades; the top 500 addresses (relayer included) will earn rewards as follows:

Rewards will be given to the winners within ten working days after completion of the event.

Tools to Use:

You may use any wallet that’s integrated with Loopring Protocol to complete a buy order or sell order:

· UP Wallet:

· VIV Wallet:

· Tokenest :

· Loois:

· Loopr :

· Circulr :

· imToken 2.0:

· Qbao Network Wallet:

Loopring Foundation reserves all rights to modify and interpret the rules of this and all future VITE airdrops.

About Vite

Vite is a highly scalable DAG-based public smart contract platform. Vite has plans to integrate the Loopring protocol natively to support decentralized exchange. A special thanks to them for providing VITE Tokens as the reward for the trading competition.

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