We have finished the second LRN airdrop. A total of 1,496,847.2 LRN was airdropped to 758 NEO addresses bound to 892 Ethereum addresses. Those LRN tokens are now available to be claimed inside our LRN Airdrop smart contract.

The upper limit for the second LRN airdrop is 27,901,521LRN or 20% of LRN total supply. Among the remaining 26,404,673.8LRN, 25,904,673.8 or 18.57% of the total LRN supply were burned (sent to a special NEO address whose script hash is0 and base58 is AFmseVrdL9f9oyCzZefL9tG6UbvhPbdYzM ), 500K LRN was reserved for incentivizing community contributors.

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