The third and final LRN airdrop is complete. A total of 2,151,812.5 LRN was airdropped to 854 NEO addresses, corresponding to 1039 Ethereum addresses.

The maximum potential LRN to be dropped in this round was 27,901,521, representing 20% of total original LRN supply (139,507,605). The 25,749,708.5 remaining amount will be sent to the Loopring Ecosystem Advance Fund (LEAF). All token movement can be publicly seen from this address.

The dropped LRN tokens are now available to be claimed inside our LRN airdrop smart contract. The easiest way to claim your LRN is by using Loopr, All it takes is connecting your wallet that holds the bound Ethereum address, and clicking one button.

Please watch the short video below if you need instructions on how to claim.

How to claim LRN on Loopr.

Note: LRN vests daily over 2 years, and can indeed be claimed daily (or claimed less frequently: weekly, yearly — whenever you want).

To see if your address has participated in this airdrop, you can follow the instructions above on Loopr, or please see here. The fields in order are: Ethereum address, NEO address, LRC amount at snapshot. Note: the addresses with greater than 250K LRC (the maximum amount for airdrop calculation) are ones that are locked in the long term incentive program.

To calculate the full amount that you will get over 2 years from this airdrop, simply multiply the LRC you held at snapshot, by 2% (dropped 20% of LRN supply, which has 1/10 supply of LRC).

The snapshot occurred at Ethereum block height 6789888, approximately 3am Beijing Time, Nov 29. The LRN airdrop smart contract is here.

With this third session complete, a cumulative 60% of LRN supply was made available to LRC token holders, with remainders burned, or in this case, sent to LEAF.

Total and circulating LRN supply is 113,602,931, since 25,904,674 was previously burned.

To see your NEO address and LRN balance (once you’ve claimed some of your tokens), you can use

A common question we get is “why am I unable to see LRN in my NEO wallet, such as NEON?” The answer is because you have to make your wallet ‘recognize’ the LRN token. To do this, go to the settings section and enter the LRN token hash: 06fa8be9b6609d963e8fc63977b9f8dc5f10895f

Enter the LRN hash in settings (for NEON wallet users).

Thanks very much to all participants! We’re humbled to have strong Loopring supporters, and are glad to have shown our appreciation in any way.

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