Last week we told our community we encourage UX/UI designers to help us design our wallet, and we will honor and reward the top three winners for their contribution. In the days that followed, I spent quite some time trying to write a PRD (project requirement document) to help us communicate with designers remotely to bring them on the same page. On my flight from San Francisco to Shanghai, I was also trying to put more content into the document until I realized that this approach is probably not going to work.

One challenge I had encountered in the PRD writing is that I had to somehow introduce once again the basic concepts and terms related to token trading, the way centralized exchanges are doing it, and the way Loopring intends to do it. The PRD will not be good enough — even if I spent more time — to help UX/UI designers understand Loopring’s many unique ideas and protocol details without intensive interactions with our core team, let alone blockchain and related fundamental concepts are alien to many designers.

The PRD attempt also made me realize the core engineers have to coordinate their efforts on sub-projects with ether other and with the designer so that we can deliver a minimum viable product (MVP) to the community as early as possible.

So here is the new plan: We will bring in a local designer to work us in the same office (Shanghai, China) for a MVP. For versions that follow, we will continue to work with local designers for functionalities and user interactions to avoid ineffective communication, but leave UI styling for the community to contribute.

The MVP will look more like a wallet, while later versions will probably look more like an exchange. Starting from version2, we will add candle charts, market depth chart and order-books; we will visualize order-rings to show their relations to orders, fills (trading history), and miners; we will also display orders in a more professional way to reflect orders’ auto-scaling of size, fee adjustments, and margin split.

So if you are a designer and would like to participate in Loopring’s wallet design, please be patient. If you’ve sent me an email, I’ll reply you a copy of our MVP UI design when it’s available to get your valuable feedback.

— Daniel