To celebrate the phenomenal success of DPR’s primary listing on Loopring exchange, the record breaking appreciation in 1 minute and 17 seconds after AMM pool opening, and to reward users who support Loopring, we are launching a lottery event to win a chance to subscribe for 1,500,000 DPR at $0.02 !

During the period from April 12 0:00AM(UTC) to April 22 0:00AM(UTC) , you only need to complete the following two tasks:

Task 1: Single deposit no less than US$5,000 worth of ETH, DPR or LRC to Loopring Layer 2

Task 2: Complete DPR/ETH Layer 2 swap, with a cumulative transaction volume of no less than US$5,000 worth

and you will automatically join the lucky draw for one of 30 eligibility to subscribe to 50,000 DPR at USD0.02/DPR. We will announce the winners on April 23, please follow Loopring twitter at that time.

Subscription rules:

  1. Deadline for completion of the two tasks: April 22 0:00AM(UTC);
  2. Each winning address is eligible to subscribes for 50,000 DPR;
  3. Number of subscription addresses: 30 (randomly selected);
  4. After the winners are announced, you need to transfer US$1,000 worth of LRC to the Layer 2 account of earn.loopring.eth within 48 hours after the list is announced; if the Layer 2 transfer is not made within the time limit, it will be deemed to automatically give up the subscription;
  5. DPR price: $0.02;
  6. LRC price: Coinmarketcap closing price on April 22;
  7. For the winners, we will transfer 30% of the subscription (15,000 DPR) to your Loopring Layer 2 account within 7 days of the announcement of the list, and the remaining 70% will be distributed in installments of 7% every month for 10 months;
  8. Loopring reserves the right of final decision and interpretation of the rules of the lottery.

Here is the guide to get onboard Loopring L2.

About Loopring

Loopring is an Ethereum zkRollup protocol for scalable, secure exchanges & payments. Loopring builds non-custodial, high-performance products atop our layer-2, including the Loopring Wallet — a mobile Ethereum smart wallet, and the Loopring Exchange — an L2 orderbook and AMM DEX. To learn more, you can sign up for our Quarterly Update or see