A few hours ago, our chief architect Kongliang kicked off our “Hi-5” LRC airdrop. This airdrop uses a specific smart-contract to batch-send 5 LRC to each target address. As of now, many pending transactions have not been mined yet. You can watch the airdrop progress here:

Smart-Contract & Transactions of the first Loopring Airdrop : 0x9b3912ab0ef08a772a097340400ba6a471e8de57

We are only targeting Ethereum addresses that have been active during the last several months and have 0-LRC balance. This airdrop is not to reward current LRC holders. If you have heard of Loopring project, you should not have received such an airdrop.

We planned to airdrop to one million addresses, but we didn’t manage to find that many addresses that satisfy our selection criteria. In the near future, we may do another airdrop if necessary.

5 LRC can be used for submitting 3 or 4 orders to Loopring’s relay, but the total value is not large enough to trigger a sell action to impact the market in a negative way.

If someone asks “what the … is LRC?” Please help us spread the word.

If you have questions, join us on social media and direct your questions to our CMO Jay Zhou.
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